About The Nightowl

About Me and Why I do what I do

As a child, I spent as much time with my grandparents as possible. My grandpa was a master woodworker, and Grandma was an excellent seamstress. My mother did all sorts of crafts, leatherwork, flower arrangement, drawing,  painting, and home decor. Not to mention that they both were awesome cooks. My grandma’s house always smelled like the delicious food she made. They all encouraged my brother and I to be as creative as we could be. My brother is a singer and has made some recordings. I love to listen to him sing. He and my youngest daughter sang at my Mother’s funeral. It was heavenly.

One of my most beloved occupations was over 40 years working with persons with developmental disabilities. I always wanted to make things better for them, and when I finally got the opportunity to attend college, it was with the desire to become a case manager, in order to help them more effectively. However, during the last year of my Masters degree, I became very ill, my kidneys failed, and the Dr who saved my life, found that I have Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.  So, when I graduated, I was turned down from the jobs I applied for, because of Lupus. So I did some research, and started my own agency, and started doing case management for persons in the Southeast portion of Kansas. I did that for 8 years, until so much traveling  became unhealthy for me. 

Then my youngest son suggested I start a business with my jewelry. While I was in college, I had a friend who had been in an accident with a train, and she was left with one arm and one leg. A lot of the jewelry I make is with someone like her in mind. I make a lot of things that can be put on with one hand, without a clasp, necklaces that are long enough to just slip over the head, and slip-on bracelets. I also have a friend who was born with no eyes, so some of the things I make are multi-colored or complimentary to be worn with any color. I spent part of my working life as an Assistive Technology Specialist, so I have ideas for making life easier for persons with challenging abilities, or mature persons who may have arthritis, or other issues with wearing metals, etc.

I have myself become sensitive to wearing metals, so I have added macrame to my skillset. I make jewelry, household items, purses and other bags from a variety of cord materials and sizes. I still work with metal. I just can’t wear it. But I love to see the look on someone's face when they love one of my creations, or when I am able to repair or remake one of their beloved jewelry pieces and preserve the memories that accompany those heirloom pieces.

I like to spend a little time getting to know the person, their likes and dislikes, before designing something for them, so I encourage people to use the Contact Us feature, so I can make something they will love and which can become an heirloom in their family.

I am a self taught handcraft artisan. I have been doing a variety of crafts most of my life. One of my goals is to make things that make people happy. I make a variety of jewelry styles with a variety of materials, (metals, macrame, beading,etc.) I also make decorative and useful items for your home.